Author: Milounie J

Beat these 3 hurdles to a long life – Diseases/Pollution/Stress

How Our Forefathers Managed Wellness: In the Waters are all medicines and Agni gives health to all. May the waters prepare the medicine that is a protection for my body, that I may long see the Sun. – Rig Veda I. 24. 20-21 The ancient medical science of India, Ayurveda incorporates therapy through water vapour […]

10 benefits of the steam shower to get younger-looking skin

Top 10 anti-aging benefits of the steam shower The skincare industry has seen a rush over the last decade. With more beauty brands making a market presence, our dependence on cosmetics too has increased. We all wish to look young and hence, falling prey to the marketing gimmicks, try every face wash, cream, serum that […]

How Induced Hyperthermia is an ‘Immunity booster’ for health

Here’s how induced hyperthermia through the steam shower is an immunity booster and combats diseases. A steam shower is nothing short of bliss. Adding steam to your everyday shower regime not only rejuvenates the body and relieves the pain but also helps in revitalizing the mind. It’s a great way to start the day! How […]

Top 5 reasons why a steam bath is essential for post-Covid19 life

We humans, we are driven by our senses, at all times. We start our day with a cool shower to energize us and we even covet for a rejuvenating and calming shower after an exhausting day. Adding steam to your everyday shower offers dozens of benefits that range from improving health and wellness to supporting […]