FAQs on Steam bath

Q. How much water does a steam room /session use?

This varies depending on the sizing of the steam generator; Parvus model uses approx two litre of water and 1 unit of electricity for a 15 minute session.

Q. Can we use a steam enclosure for regular shower too?

Yes, we can.  Steam Pro always recommends that a shower head be installed in the steam enclosure so that a steam session is followed by a regular shower to cool down after steam therapy session.

Q. How long should one sit in the steam room?

There is no fixed time period, you should let your body decide. Enjoy the continuous steam flow of STEAM PRO, let your body soak in the vapour, enjoy the soothing heat, and when you feel the need, switch off the steam and take a shower. A typical steam session lasts 10 minutes. Be careful that steam causes dehydration so limit session length to a maximum of 15 minutes and rehydrate before and after every steam session.

Q. What should one wear for a steam session?

In order for the session to be most effective, the more your body is exposed, the better. It is necessary to sweat out the toxins. However, in commercial spaces like gyms, it is highly recommended to wear flip-flops and towel in order to avoid contact with other people’s sweat/toxins. Jewellery, watches, glasses and such accessories are better left out lest they malfunction due to the high humidity in the steam room.

Q. What are the effects of Steam Bath on the hair?

The moist steam air hydrates and nourishes the scalp. The heat in the room helps blood flow/circulation in the scalp thus helping in the growth of new hair follicles, promoting hair growth.

Q. What is the effect of steam on the skin?

The excessive sweating in the steam room opens up the pores and helps to cleanse the skin by removing impurities. Steam may also help in treating acne due to its ability to remove dirt and dead skin by warm condensation.

Q. What is Hyperthermia, and how does it help?

The normal temperature of the body is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. When the body temperature is raised higher than normal, it is called a state of hyperthermia. Organisms invading our body cannot live in the body when its temperature is raised, Therefore, when the body goes into hyperthermia, those organisms die.

Q. Is having a steam bath at home a good real estate investment?

According to several publications, steam bathing has become extremely popular in the recent years and having a personal steam installation in your home is definitely an asset to your home and personal health. It is considered a luxury with high aspiration value.

Q. Can my existing tub/shower area be converted to a steam room?

In most cases yes….quite easily. In fact, Steam Pro takes pride in converting the existing shower areas into value-added steam rooms. On inspection, our expert plumber and electrician will advise you how it can be executed.

Q. Can I use Aromatherapy products in my Steam Pro chamber?

Yes, Aromatherapy enhances the steam experience. In fact, Steam Pro provides an attachment in the steam room near the steam head in which you can put a few drops of aroma oil of your choice and experience the enhanced ambience of your steam room. (Please ensure that you do not put the oil on the mouth of the steam while the generator is ON or hot)

Q. Do I need an exhaust fan in the steam enclosure?

NO. There is no need to have an exhaust fan in a home steam room. Steam Pro recommends that the same area be used for a shower to rinse off after steam. The shower serves to condense the steam. An exhaust fan outside the steam enclosure but inside the bathroom is recommended to ensure ventilation of waste air.

Q. Does Steam Pro take up any usable space in the bathroom?

No. The compact Steam Pro unit can even fit under/besides the vanity case of your existing bathroom. It is wall mounted which makes it possible to install without taking any floor space in the bathroom.

FAQ on Product Delivery

Q. What are the prerequisites for my delivery to be completed?

You will be required to complete the following 2 steps in order to schedule your delivery:

 1. Order confirmation – reply back on our quotation with your go-ahead.

 2. Payment of advance as per services required communicated by the SteamPRO team. 

 Please contact  our customer care numbers for further clarifications

Q. How soon will my product be delivered?

Delivery times can vary between 24 hours to 14 days depending on the package. This information will be available on the Product Details Page. Delivery timelines are valid after successful submission of KYC documents and advance payment (if applicable).

Q. Do you set up the Steam room?

Yes, we do. Our delivery team works to deliver a unique 360 degree solution. The team installs equipment, hardware, enclosure, MEP works and any other works required to be done to ensure successful installation. We take pride in being the only service that ensures customers get benefits of steam therapy.

Q. Can I choose the delivery date and time?

You can share your preferred delivery time with us. If equipment availability is not an issue, our team will comply with your request.

Q. Do I have to pay for deliveries and pick-ups?

No, delivery of the steam generator is free of cost. However the steam cabin and its accessories may have to be paid for, again depending on your package.

FAQs on Our Services

Q. If I am shifting to another home, can I take Steam Pro with me?

Moving to a new home? With Steam Pro, you just need to think about packing up your clothes. We’ll take care of Steam Pro relocation for free. As soon as you complete 3 months with us, you can avail our free relocation service once every 12 months. For a seamless process, please let us know 14 days in advance.

Q. What happens if I damage or break the equipment?

Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. We provide damage cover up to Rs.6,000 for accidental damages. Please note that this covers only the steam generator and not the steam cabin or its accessories, Our internal team will assess the level of damage and conclude if it can be covered within the policy or not. Any damage that makes the steam generator dysfunctional is chargeable.

Q. Is there any advance or deposit required?

A refundable security deposit of 3 months is required for all bookings made on subscription/rental model.

FAQs on Payment & Billing

Q. What happens to my deposit amount?

Your deposit amount is refunded at the end of your subscription period. Any eqipment damage in excess of INR 6000 is adjusted against your deposit.

Q. When do I make my first rental payment?

The first rental payment is to be made before the delivery is scheduled. You’ll be paying your first month’s rent through a link that will be mailed across to you. For example, if your package is scheduled to be delivered on the 11th of May, you’ll be required to pay the rent for the period 11th May – 10th June before the delivery can be made. Please note your delivery cannot be scheduled until the first rental payment has been received.

Q. Can I pay upfront for my rental tenure?

Yes, you may. You will also be entitled to avail a discount for making an upfront payment. Please write to us at team@steampro.in for the same.

Q. When am I expected to make the payment for the monthly invoices?

You’ll have a 5 day period after receiving the invoice in which you are expected to clear the invoice amount.

Q. What happens if I make a late payment?

Delayed payment of monthly rentals beyond the due date will lead to a penalty of 2% of the outstanding amount or Rs.250, whichever is the higher amount. Non-payment of monthly rentals for two consecutive months could result in termination of the subscription and pickup of the equipment.

Q. What payment modes can be used to complete the payment?

You may use cheque or online transfer / net-banking to complete your payment.

FAQs on Returns & Cancellations

Q. Can I cancel my subscription before my tenure ends?

The minimum tenure for a Steam Pro subscription is 3 months. This means that if you cancel your subscription anytime before that, you are liable to pay a full 3 months (min subscription tenure) rent. This will be calculated on the basis of when you cancel your subscription and the deposit paid by you will be adjusted accordingly.

Q. What happens when my subscription ends?

The minimum Steam Pro tenure is 3 months. After 3 months, the subscription gets auto-renewed every month. If you do not wish to continue with the subscription then simply let us know 14 days in advance. Your monthly rent will be charged till the date of the pickup. The deposit refund will be processed once the pickup process has been completed. If you close the subscription before 3 months then you’ll have to pay 3 months’ furniture rental as a penalty.

Q. What if I am not completely satisfied with Steam Pro after delivery?

You can choose to opt for a refund within 7 days of delivery in the event you are unhappy with Steam Pro.