Thoughts of renovation/construction seem daunting?

Managing multiple vendors, different timelines, tight budgets, too overwhelming? Do you have questions like: is my bathroom too small? Or too big? Who will do water and electrical connections? We’re here to help!

*All website prices include full taxes.

Your steam dream in 4 easy steps!

Show Us Your Space

  • Over a phone call with your wellness consultant
  • Show us a video of your bathroom
  • Tell us the estimate dimensions of your shower space. For new homes you can even share your architect drawings with us.

PAY: 0%

Book SteamPRO

  • Based on your shower design, bathroom area and individual preferences we design the right solution for your home.
  • We share a detailed estimate with items in your order, plumbing/electrical works required and pricing.
  • You onboard us with a nominal token advance

PAY: 10%


Provisioning & Installation

Real Steam TherapyTM @home requires careful planning of electrical/plumbing works, enclosure set up and the steam unit. Our expert on-ground technicians guide you through the entire process to ensure a seamless experience

  • SP technician visits your home and guides your local plumber/electrician on the right steps for installation
  • You pay the balance amount (before installation)
  • SP technician installs your steam@home

PAY: 90%

Number of days: 1 Day*

*depending on site

Start Steaming

We groom you into your new steam@home. How to use and how to make the most of it. Maintenance & troubleshooting tips.

PAY: 10%

Why SteamPRO for your new/existing home?

Installation TimeLowHigh
Degree of MessLowHigh
Installation Support100% and end-to-endNo support, DIY
After Sales Support100% on-site, zero downtimeLimited
Customization100% custom workNot possible
Existing BathroomsYesNo
SpecializationSteam@home expertsSanitaryware suppliers, not steam experts

Frequestly Asked Questions