Leak-proof, functional & long lasting

No steam story is complete without a carefully thought out steam cabin. A lot of folks can make a shower cabin, but steam cabins require expertise that’s built after doing 100s of steam showers!

Your existing shower will double up as the steam area. No space too small!

*All website prices include full taxes.


No more gym/club community steam rooms


Custom designed as per your shower dimensions

Therapy Ready

Guaranteed to deliver thermal-hydro therapy@home

Easy to Build

We build it for you or even get it made from your own vendors

No Breakage

Only solution for existing homes. No construction, no hassles

Ready to Use

Start Real Steam TherapyTM ready in just 1-day!

Behind the scenes with a SteamPRO Steam Enclosure

Design Done Right

21-point checklist to leave no-stone-unturned Right choice of wall materials Right ceiling height and materials Eliminating all other in-shower cabin requisites

Precision Cabin Setups

Glass or curtain, all enclosures are 100% custom built to fit your space

Perfection via Inspections

We do 100 bathrooms a week, our technicians are experts in checking and preempting any issues with the enclosure

Superfast Installation

Ready in as low as 1 day!