SteamPRO & Chill

Don’t pay a kindey and a half to try steam @your home! Save upfront costs, get steam@home on subscription basis! Pay only the installation charges that include electrical and plumbing consumables and get the steam unit on rental basis!

What’s more – if decide to purchase your unit within 3 months and we’ll even adjust the rental paid from the purchase price, making 1st three months absolutely free!

Subscriptions start at only INR1500/-* per month!

*All website prices include full taxes.

Why Should you Consider Steam on Rent?

Try it then Buy it!

Avail first 3-months absolutely free!
An industry 1st by SteamPRO
No more gyms or clubs, try it at your own home


Rental plans for steam unit start @ INR1500/-* per month
You pay for installation and consumables used. Starts under INR5000/-
Pay for the steam cabin setup, if needed
Pay a fully refundable security deposit
2nd month onwards you only pay the rental amount

All Repairs on Us

All maintenance, upkeep, servicing and repairs are under our scope.
No AMCs, no hidden charges, no visit charges.
Under 36 hours downtime

Perfect for Rented Homes

Don’t want to invest in a home you don’t own? Try steam on rent.
Discontinue any time, no lock-ins.
Relocation from 1 home to the next will be done by us – take your steam with you!