The finest steam unit… in the world!

While building a all-out steam business we started with you, our users and built a steam unit that you would love to use regularly, not once-in-a-while. Wellness for the whole fam with every shower.

Proudly Made in India
Designed in Canada

Tried, Tested & Battle Hardened. Made for Tough Indian Conditions.

*All website prices include full taxes.

Fastest Steam
50% faster* than next competitor

30% less energy* consumption per session vs competition

Greenest Generator out there! Consumes 80% less water* per versus competition

Building a habit/a healthy addiction
Under 30 cents* per session makes it easy to embed in daily routine


Smart Home Steam System

designed for regular use (patent pending)

Smallest, fastest, greenest

Ready for Condos/Apartments
BOLD un-generator like looks. DYI plug-n-play installation. Simple maintenance

40% smaller than competition. No vents, exposed fittings etc.

Continuous, whisper soft steam, absolutely NO pressure

Super Safe
3 sensor probes, 2-minute auto shutoff, tri-level electrical & mechanical safeties
(UL pending)

What goes into crafting
the best steam unit ever?

Precision engineering backed by 25 years of R&D and innovation. Use of ethically sourced and sustainable materials. Hardware and software quality checks in real world usage environment.

Here’s what homeowners have to say about SteamPRO


Ms. Suyesha Savant
Anchor, Republic TV
GK1, New Delhi

“I’m a new person when I get out… it has been a life changer for me… absolute must have”

Mr. Siddharth Upadhyay
Council, Sports Authority of India
GK2, New Delhi

“in a small place, in a convenient way, in a professional way… you’ve got Steampro”

Ar. Anurag Mittal
Principal, Interact Architects
Phase 3, Gurugram

“wonderful product, wonderful experience, tremendous health benefits… easy to install”