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A completely new THERAPY ENABLED steam bath system that can go into your bath space and give you proven health benefits…

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  • Zero Investment
  • High Returns & High Margins
  • No Stock Required
  • No staff/warehouse etc. required
  • 10 year service support
  • 10 years Customer Lifecycle Value (CLV)
  • Exclusive Access to future wellness tech
  • Super Rewarding
Are you a retailer? Freelancer? Entrepreneur? Service Provider?

With the penetration of steam baths & other wellness technologies at a mere 1%, there is a massive opportunity for growth in this category. Pollution, stress, lifestyle disorders and even the Covid19 pandemic has boosted the need for natural immunity & wellbeing. We believe your daily is the best way to start!

Steam baths have been expensive, with no installation support and extremely bad after-sales support. SteamPRO solves all this and helps every bathroom become a spa therapy bathroom. We are constantly striving to expand our network & reach with our innovative products.

We have tailored solutions for you to become a partner, whether you are a distributor, retailer, entrepreneur or a freelance sales agent. We aim to maximise your growth. profits & potential. You will get access to our values, marketing support, on-field training support and access to the arsenal of wellness technologies we have in the making.


Harnessing the curative power of water, bringing it to our bath.
Without harming the environment.

What Users Are Saying

The machine is vey useful and easy to use without any hassles, we are using the SteamPRO steam unit from last 4 months. It’s working very fine without any fault.
Mohit Kohli, New Delhi

There’s only one to call if you want steam therapy set up at home. WIth low power consumption, well adjusted steam pressure and a steam machine smaller than any regular sized laptop SteamPro is a pathbreaker in its field. The best part is, they come and install it in your own bathroom, no matter what size. Their co-founders are humble and polite who took utmost care of your necessities while installing the device. Their AMCs are reasonable as well!

Sayak Basu, New Delhi

Having SteamPRO in my bathroom has marked a huge lifestyle changed. I feel relaxed, my skin looks better, my body feels more at ease after a steam bath. Now I don’t have to go to the club for this experience. I have it in my bathroom. I can use it anytime I want and feels so worth it.

Kumud Savant, New Delhi


SteamPRO Advantage

Premium quality products
50+ years of industry experience
Professional installation
100% after-sales support

Residential & Commercial Product

Premium quality products
50+ years of industry experience
Professional installation
100% after-sales support

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Steam Bath@Home Brand
1000+ SteamPRO steam baths are being taken daily by customers loving the experience!

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