Changing Buying Patterns, Exercise & Covid-19 Pandemic



Due to the ongoing pandemic, gyms, workout studios, spas etc. continue to remain shut and going out to neighborhood parks to exercise in groups remains difficult due to the new social distancing norms. We still have no timelines on when things will get better, but it looks like the new normal is here to stay. Covid-19 and lockdowns have brought about a change in consumer habits leading evolving changing buying patterns. More impetus on home automation.

Your Wife & Kids Want Automation!

Spending more time @ home, families want to automate their daily chores. According to Vijay Babu, VP (home appliances) at LG India, “there is a distinct trend towards buying large capacity appliances”. According to executives of top manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, this trend is expected to continue through the festive season. Families now want lesser grocery store visits and therefore need larger refrigerators to store more food. They want a theater like experience at home and hence larger TVs.But what about wellness at home?


Source: BCCL

Maximizing Home Workouts & Exercises

The benefits of exercising are difficult to ignore. It helps – control weight, keeps your heart healthy, strengthens your bones, relaxes and eases stress, you sleep better, the list goes on. It’s recommended that at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise be done every week.

Body Weight Exercises can be used in the absence of the dumbbells or weights. Use the body weight as resistance: Pushups, Lunges, Squats, Crunches, Planks, and Burpees.

Low Intensity Exercises too can be done at home easily like yoga, pranayam i.e breathing exercises in specific postures and to specific counts. These exercises enhance respiratory function which is of significance importance in the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Adding Steam to Your Daily Shower

The pandemic has forced everyone indoors. We have brought everything home – we are working from home, gyming from home, catching up with friends from home etc. but how do we achieve that gym or spa-like wellness at home?

Covid-19 has been leading to a lot of pent up energy; emotions running high & routines in flux and steam therapy can be immensely essential for post pandemic life!

ADD STEAM TO YOUR DAILY SHOWER. It’s great family bonding time! Steam acts as added cardio workout. Experts have found that when used alongside an exercise regime, the sweating induced during a steam session provides immense wellness benefits to the body, it has proven to improve overall immunity, respiratory system and much much more

We at SteamPro have cracked the puzzle – steam therapy is possible in EVERY BATHROOM – new or old! No construction or breakage guarantees ease of installation. At Rs. 10/- per session it’s the cheapest way to wellness for you and your entire family! Reach out today.


Improve your Home Workout Performance

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