Can Steam help with back pain?



The human body is often referred to as a “miracle of engineering’. It is made up of billions of cells, tissues, organs and systems. An adult human has close to 206 bones in his body.
The part that keeps the human body upright is the spinal cord. It is a long, fragile tube like structure that begins at the end of the brain stem and ends at the bottom of the spine. It is composed of a complex structure of muscles, tendons, and bones. Cartilage like pads called discs keep the segments of the spine cushioned. All of these work together to support the body and enable it to move around.
One of the leading causes of disability worldwide is back pain. It is the most common reasons for people to miss work or to visit a doctor. The cause of back pain may be compression of nerve roots, damage to the intervertebral discs, a torn or pulled muscle or improper movement of the spinal joints. These damages may not necessarily be due to some underlying disease. Prolonged sitting, lifting too much weight improperly, overuse of a muscle during work out, sleeping in a wrong or uncomfortable position, making an abrupt awkward movement, or even wearing a poorly fitting backpack may lead to pain in the back.
The pain often goes away without treatment, but if it does not get better with rest, or if it spreads down one or both the legs or extends below the knee or causes numbness, or tingling or has not subsided within a week of home treatment, you need to visit a doctor.
There are a number of treatments for backache, however most of them are actually only life style changes e.g.
• Retraining /correcting your posture
• Stretching and flexibility exercises
• Core strengthening exercises
• Mindfulness and meditation
• Diet changes/ loosing weight
Ayurveda is another remarkable system of healing. It is an alternative form of medicine of India which offers effective back pain management therapies. After analysis of your body type, ayurveda recommends treatment to manage the pain. Treatment of body “Doshas” or faults ensures the problem is removed from the root. The famous ayurveda massages with special herbal oils work wonders. The emphasis here is mostly on keeping the body warm from the outside and eating foods that keep it warm from inside. Svedana or Swedana means to prespire. It is an Ayurveda treatment and is done by using Steam Therapy. It is an important pre procedure for the very popular Panchkarma or the five treatments to detox in Ayurveda.
We have all experienced that heat can relieve our pains and aches. What better way than to enter a steam room and let its warmth soothe your pains away. According to SpineHealth.com, moist heat in the steam room, penetrates and relaxes stiff joints, sour muscles and painful backs. Steam rooms are extensively used by athletes and sports persons to rehabilitate themselves or simply to relax after a tiring game or workout.
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