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Due to coronavirus pandemic, all of us have been forced to stay indoors, which is great to keep the virus from spreading even faster. But being indoors (with a full house, no less!) brings its own set of problems. Challenges that are physical – increase in weight, stiffness of the muscles, etc. and psychological problems – depression, loneliness, etc. One must engage in indoor physical activities to overcome these problems.

Start with simple exercises, based on your body type and workout goals. There are dozens of online tutorials and classes, there’s something for everyone. Go online, research what suits you best and go with it. During the normal routine of exercising at home you may experience fatigue or stiffness in parts of your body. This soreness of the muscles, however painful and inconvenient, is perfectly normal.

Muscle soreness is common due to the following reasons:
– When one starts a new routine for exercising
– A change in work routine
– An increase in duration or intensity
– Indulging in any kind of physical activity that your body is not used to.

The pain you feel after a stiff workout is your muscles telling you that you have (over) worked them. And trust us, there’s a sweetness in the pain after a solid workout.

Next comes – recovery! One of the most important part of an athlete’s training regime is recovery.You need to rehabilitate your body and muscles to get ready for the next day. You know the rule, the more consistent the workouts, the lower the muscle soreness.

There are only a few all-natural ways to rehabilitate your sore muscles, the most important being rest (or sleep), massages, and a steam therapy session.
This is where we come in!

Spending time in a steam room is proven to provide a range of benefits that complement training programs for athletes looking to improve in strength, aerobic endurance, and muscle development. Steam bath is also a solid tool to aide muscle repair while easing muscle soreness.
The hot steam acts as a blanket and relaxes the muscles due to which they heal faster. As body’s temperature increases, it leads to an increased flow of blood that in turn helps shuttle more nutrients into muscle cells for quicker repair.

This, and several other benefits of moist heat and muscle repair can be found here. Even top sports teams such as Mumbai Indians, Indian National Cricket team etc. opt for steam bath after a grueling match to enhance the muscle repair. This is because during matches the muscles are stretched to the end of tolerance and steam bath can repair these sore muscles. If left untreated, sore muscles could lead to irreparable tissue damage.

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