How to Enjoy the SteamPro Experience?



Our miniature home steam bath system helps restore natural well-being by effectively altering the body’s temperature in real-time. During a thermal-hydro therapy bath, we alternate & repeat between exposing the body to water and steam to create real-time wellness effects.

  • Enter your steam therapy room.
  • Shower and wash before starting SteamPro.
  • Take a towel to sit on in the sweat bathing room, switch on your SteamPro unit. The steam starts forming in 10 seconds
  • Relax and enjoy the soothing clouds of steam. You can even listen to your favourite music while you do so.
  • Continue soaking in the steam for about 5-7 minutes. When you start feeling a little too hot, turn on your shower and have a cold blast of water for about 30-60 seconds, with the steam still running.
  • Repeat this routine about 2-3 times. Pro Tip: doing this alternating is actually quite beneficial for your body!
  • After your last spell amongst the clouds of steam, you’ll find a long, cool shower a real delight. Pro Tip: If you have the option of a chilled shower, use that for contrast-thermo-therapy to get a sense of heaven.
  • Let your body dry off naturally before putting your clothes on. Relax, treat yourself to a cold drink and enjoy a sensation of true well-being. Don’t get dressed until your body has cooled down and your pores have closed once again.
  • Enjoy the extreme relaxation once you step out of your Thermal-Hydro Therapy Bath. Have a glass or two of water!

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