How Induced Hyperthermia is an ‘Immunity booster’ for health




Here’s how induced hyperthermia through the steam shower is an immunity booster and combats diseases.

A steam shower is nothing short of bliss. Adding steam to your everyday shower regime not only rejuvenates the body and relieves the pain but also helps in revitalizing the mind. It’s a great way to start the day! How is all this possible? It is achieved by inducing hyperthermia conditions in the body.

Induced hyperthermia is a condition in which core body temperature is elevated by some degrees from the normal, for therapeutic purposes. This creates a fever-like condition in the body.
Here are some benefits of
inducing such an artificial fever in the body: :

A steam shower helps in removing toxins from the body, improving the skin, relaxing the muscles, the increased body temperature not just destroys bacteria and viruses but also helps in improving the self-immune mechanism by keeping them away.

In the feverish condition, the body prepares its natural immune response and triggers the increase of white blood cell count and antibodies, that are our natural shields against viruses and bacteria. As the virus can stay only within a narrow temperature range and increase in the body temperature either make the virus inactive to grow or kills it. Inducing similar conditions in a steam room is called induced hyperthermia, but with more benefits.

As a part of the body’s self-immune mechanism during fever , internal organs start working faster, thereby, increasing the blood flow and oxygen supply to the entire body to fight the virus. This increases the body’s metabolic rate and cleans up arteries and veins and helps in supply better oxygen, nutrient and enzyme supply to the affected areas, which in this case, is the entire body. It is also observed in some researches that heat generated during hyperthermia also helps in disintegrating certain tumours. Tumours have poor blood flow and are have poor heat dissipation. The same concept is used during radiotherapy to reduce tumour size and prevent them to grow further. A similar effect is achieved during steam sessions, without harming the good cells, which often happens during radiotherapy. Some researches have also found it beneficial in cancer treatment in addition to the chemotherapy and have observed significant results.

With regular steam sessions and induced hyperthermia conditions, our body reduces the chances of virus growth, thus becomes healthier with improved immunity, naturally.

Undergoing the induced hyperthermia condition in a steam room has more advantages over the Dry Sauna. Combined with the power of steam, it detoxifies the body, controls stress levels and improves immunity to the daily wearing of the muscles, while discarding the toxins through sweat.

It also helps in easing out deep tissue problems and is also found helpful in curing Arthritis rehabilitation along with other muscle injuries.

Spending time in the steam room also helps in reducing muscle contraction, which happens due to heavy work or age factor. This, in turn, relieves muscle tension and pain and better movement. By now you must have understood why the body feels better after steam shower post an intense workout or sports. It becomes more relaxed and immune to frequent muscle spasm. So, planning to take a steam bath now?

Well, definitely!

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