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cold & flu

These are indeed unprecedented times. We are all plagued with a global pandemic. Maintaining hygiene, taking care, respecting social boundaries is more important than ever before. Vaccines for the Novel Coronavirus will take some time, anything from 6 months to 2 years are the estimates! But forget about Covid19 for a minute, there are some rather scary diseases out there that don’t have any vaccines or even cures (e.g. cancer etc.). And then there are conditions such as common colds and flus for which there are vaccines, yet people still fall sick and sometimes rather gravely.
What this pandemic has taught us rightly is that even a strain of flu can turn our lives upside down. Focus is on our body’s natural immunity, truly the last line of defense between deadly viruses and us. While most symptoms and recommended precautions of Civd19 and seasonal flu are similar, the higher risk of developing respiratory issues is higher with the coronavirus. Therefore, to beat Covid19 or any other virus for that matter, building natural immunity driven by healthy lifestyle choices and robust lung and respiratory functions together are most important.
Here’s some trivia that will catch you off guard – Common cold/seasonal flu have risen from 9.3 million to 49 million illnesses in the USA since 2010. According to an estimate, flu causes 31.4 million outpatient visits and more than 200,000 cases of hospitalization each year. This may even be higher in winter or times when the weather is cold.
And that’s not all! Colds and flu can cost you dearly! In the US, flu victims spend $10.4 billion annually on hospitalization & outpatient visits every year (nearly $16.3 billion in lost earnings). As for the common cold, research has found that this familiar illness costs the U.S. economy as much as $40 billion per year!
We all love our hot baths, showers and even use boiling water and towel to clear our sinuses, but we are here to tell you that Steam therapy is the most powerful home remedy at your disposal, that you’re missing out on.
Ways steam inhalation helps you ward off cold & flu
Steam is 100% water vapor that has the characteristic to gradually heat up body’s internal organs by 1-3 degrees. Once the body heats up, almost an induced fever like state, the body’s internal systems go on overdrive, and that’s where true wellness begins. These small jolts of shocks to the body are tremendous in reactivating the immune system, metabolism etc.
Steam inhalation is very effective in opening up the nasal passages and also activates the bronchi (the airways from the trachea to the lungs). Breathing steam through your nose helps drain drain sinuses of disease-carrying mucus and phlegm.
Steam is effective….
● It acts to kill rhinovirus – the main cause of common cold
● Opens up nasal passages – so you can breathe easy, and that’s all you can ask for when you’re down with a cold!
● Enhances Overall Respiratory Health – steam helps loosen bronchial secretions that provides temporary relief from asthma-type symptoms, such as coughing.
● Steam opens up the pores of the epidermis (top layer of the skin) to get rid of all unwanted bacteria, germs and viruses
● Promotes better sleep – sleep easy, recover quicker!

If you like taking care of your fitness, your mental and physical wellbeing then an at-home steam bath is an ideal addition to your lifestyle. It a great fun way to happiness and wellbeing for your entire family at the comfort of your personal shower.

While it is common for a healthy person to get cold and flu and come out in just a few days, what about the elderly who have a weak immune system and many of them are full of other diseases. It may pose a severe problem to such individuals sometimes leading to pneumonia and respiratory failures. As mentioned above The elderly people can also adopt a healthy lifestyle like mild physical exercise like walking, cycling, etc. These exercises are cardiovascular in nature and they enhance the healthy functioning of the lungs.

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