Top 5 reasons why a steam bath is essential for post-Covid19 life



We humans, we are driven by our senses, at all times. We start our day with a cool shower to energize us and we even covet for a rejuvenating and calming shower after an exhausting day. Adding steam to your everyday shower offers dozens of benefits that range from improving health and wellness to supporting a naturally healthy lifestyle. It’s smart, wise and a pocket-friendly idea for all the right reasons.
That is why most fitness centers, gyms, clubs, and spas have steam therapy rooms to attract all the soothe-seekers out there. However, not many of these places are easy on pockets. Then there are our hectic schedules that may come in the way of making a new, healthy routine. Then there is the latest pandemic Covid19 scare. Gyms are closed and we await to see what the ‘new normal’ would be like once they do open.
But before I tell you how to stop worrying about all that, did you know the following absolute top 5 reasons why you can’t live without a steam shower:

1. Improved blood circulation and lower blood pressure: sweat bathing is said to be beneficial to enhance blood flow and cardiovascular health. Steam dilates the blood vessels beneath the skin and helps in better blood flow and improved oxygen supply in the entire body. While the heart rate may increase due to heat, the blood pressure remains in control, improving the overall cardio health.

2. Glowing and healthy skin: Every day, our skin has to endure a harsh environment and it absorbs a lot of toxins throughout the day. Steam helps in getting rid of these toxins via sweating, removing dead skin cell, and also moistens the skin. The result is clearer and glowing skin, almost instantly.

3. Stress reduction: Heat generated by steam releases the ‘feel-good’ hormones, Endorphins. These help in reducing body stress. It also reduces the production of Cortisol, which regulates stress levels in the body. That’s why people feel relaxed and rejuvenated after steam sessions.

4. Speeds up post-work-out recovery: Our muscles feel sore and painful after a workout or a tiring day. This is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). It is a known fact that the moist heat during a steam therapy session helps in relieving this soreness and helps in faster recovery of muscles. Moist heat from a steam bath penetrates deep tissue, reducing damage, and provide pain relief.

5. burn extra calories: Especially if done after an exercise session, a steam session can prolong the already elevated heart rate. As the body temperature is high due to the workout and there is additional heat from outside, the body will try to maintain the core temperature. This leads to more sweating and loss of water weight. Though this can be very exhaustive and proper hydration should be done before and after, this process helps in burning some extra calories besides the work-out session.
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