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“Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.”
― Jane Austen, renowned 18th Century novelist
In the past few months life, globally, has changed. From watching the Superbowl with a 100k other spectators to staying at home with only a few essential trips into the outside world.
Most of us are working from home which comes with its own perks, but a few setbacks too. Office at home, calls from living room, meetings from the bedroom, with all this the distinctive line between our professional and personal lives have gotten blurred. From checking our mails the moment we wake up, checking alerts and notifications every 2 minutes. The work-from-home brigade is building habits which may lead to mental and emotional burnout or stress. Work life balance, today has an all new meaning! To maintain that work-life and home-life balance it calls for a solution, a routine that supports your overall emotional and mental wellbeing.
In a recent report, by 2020, 20 per cent of the Indians would suffer from mental health issues. With only 4,000 mental health professionals, the country is not close to being equipped to deal with the onslaught of patients. Therefore, the impetus is on YOU to build your emotional wellness. This calls for positive emotional reinforcements like mindfulness and meditation which enable the brain to focus on things in the present rather than things you can’t control.
While there is a lot of resources and information out there on how to work and build emotional wellness, we are here with a rather unique solution to that very question.

Introducing Water: the Ancient Panacea (def. a solution/remedy for all illnesses)
“Because we cannot scrub our inner body we need to learn a few skills to help cleanse our tissues, organs, and mind. This is the art of Ayurveda.”
― Sebastian Pole, renowned Ayurveda author
Water in the form of vapor or steam has tremendous wellness benefits for our body and mind. A steam bath on a daily basis deals/grapples with the root cause of emotional stress helping both the mind and body to unwind. We are not saying a steam bath is the only thing you need to work on your emotional wellbeing, you need to put in sync a lot more things but a steam bath can lead the way in dealing with the pent up stress and giving you some “me time”.
Right from the moment you step in and engulf yourself in the warm steam, your wellness journey begins. Steam has the property of raising our body’s internal temperature without causing boils or burns. That raising of temperature, gives you the much needed impetus to steer your inner systems in the right direction.
Devoting a 10-15 minutes daily in your shower with steam therapy can cause your body to release endorphins- the ‘feel good’ hormones. The same hormones that make you feel fresh and happy after a workout. Likewise a steam bath can lessen the levels of cortisol widely known as the ‘stress hormones’ – the hormone the body produces in response to stress and tension. When cortisol levels drop, a person feels emotionally recharged, rejuvenated, relaxed and in charge of the moment and in long run of his life.
Wait..what else can you do? Here goes:

>Journaling your Blues away…
We also recommend that apart from getting your to-do list ready to tick off, at the start of the day best way to detox yourself is maintaining a journal followed by a relaxing steam bath. You can jot/note down your dreams every morning in a journal and ponder on them. It’s equivalent to cleaning out the cookies from your body’s computer – the brain!

>Sleeping Beauty – there’s a reason why sleeping and beauty come together, beauty physically and emotionally.
A good steam bath induces more sleep, a vital component of emotional health. Cutting back on your sleep time affects both your mental and physical health. When you experience fatigue, it affects your day-to-day functioning. A healthy body and mind resides in harmony helping you to think more clearly and focus better. The key to optimum mental health is getting your quota of minimum sleep 7-8 hours on a daily basis.
SteamProTip: Try adding a few drops of lemongrass/eucalyptus essential oils to make your steam session an aroma-therapy multi-sensory experience.
‘Me’ Time with a dash of Steam Pro Magic
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