What are the Skin & Hair Benefits of Sweat Bathing?



Have you ever been inside a steam room, mildly uncomfortable, with sweat dripping down your nose, wondering, ‘is this worth it?’ Well, it kind of is…steam baths can actually help moisturize the skin as the humidity helps in hydrating and making it feel more supple. The sweating opens up the pores and helps cleanse the outer skin. Warm condensation will help rinse away dirt and dead skin and has been used in the treatment of acne. However, what a steam room also does that a sauna does not is help remove the toxins trapped below the skin by heating the epidermis layer of the skin.

Hair follicles get nourished and through deep cleansing due to heat permeation in the skin When used alongside a healthy exercise program, the heat generated by the steam room and the sweating it causes, can stimulate the body and aid in burning calories. Many people don’t sweat very much, and this can cause problems because your skin acts as an important route of detoxification and helps you excrete heavy metals that are so prevalent in your modern environment. There you go! Contain that ageing rate and remain naturally glowing with regular hydro-thermal sweat bathing sessions.

Limit your time spent inside to 15 to 20 minutes to avoid overexertion or being overheated.


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